Thursday, July 24, 2008

Karaoke Time

This is what Karaoke FANS do during free time!!!

Makan Time

This dinner was a very memorable time for us who join it. This is actually the farewell dinner for some of good friend in our class..Miss that moment very much...."The Junk" is the Best!!!!!!!

HE Trip

Hey class,

This is the taken photo during HE trip to SCV by Nora Diana....Still remember the HE trip that I organize when our 1st Year in UNIMAS?? I lose all the photos coz my computer was reformatting last time... But, wanna tell you all a secreat, it is Sharon and I first date...Haha...Another thing wanna tell you where the girl with the red arrow is the 1st person that I knew in UNIMAS...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


She is a big fan of Jay Chow....Like piano very much.... But that is not my point..... Please see the arrow.... A nice view guys... Girls, please close of eyes... Hehe... Florance, don't mad at me.... Just a "sexy appeal ads" that I want show to others that never seen it. Chack Hock and Kai Chen are the expert in this field.


Class!!! Do u know who are they??? Actually they are "good boys and girls" in da class..Biasa diam-diam saja ( kecuali saya ).....but.... Malam-malam masih merayau di sekitar Kuching... "Nice student"...

Penceroboh masuk...

First of all...Sorry Lau, for 'menceroboh' this page,haha..But i've something to tell.It won't be long, i won't be crapping all the way,i promise!! I'll make it short. Well guys, layout has been upgraded .Maybe it won't suits everyone's taste. But i've tried my very best to search for layout that is not too 'boyish' or too 'girlish'.Somehow,it's not easy to satisfy everyone's desire.So, hope u guys like this new layout. Im in the process of searching for better layout,all i need is time...For the time being, this yelloish greenish layout will be used.. Ya, i know!i know! too, i don't really like the colour, but i think the mood is i rite? Look at the picture at the top of this's about friendship!!!!! Oh ya, about the chat box, instead of using Cbox, i've change to Flooble.This is due to some problem, i can't log in to Cbox. I hope u guys don't mind.But if some of u do mind,i'll try switch it back to worries..Gowsh, i better go off now, or else i'll start crapping,hahah..Ok guys, any comment or idea just leave it at the comment box ya, thanks...Till then, back to Lau...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Azrul merajuk saya tidak letak gambar dia....

Azrul ni datang tanya saya... "Lau nape kat blog tak de gambar saya, cuma ada gambar Suhaimi je!!" So, untuk puaskan hati dia, nah gambo ko Bakal YB Kedah...


Ini lah bakal YB kita.....

YB pada zaman universiti...

Group YB

Monday, July 14, 2008

Syam Da Best

Syam...syam.... Kasanova pun boleh jadi L.O Displin.... Nang hancur la budak.... Selau pakai baju tak berkolar pun dah pandai ikat tie... Masa presentation pun tak pakai tie.... Kenapa tiba-tiba je....

Kenangan CAIS lama

Tiga orang jejaka dijumpai "pengsan" selepas makan tengahari... Kajian mendapati 3 orang jejaka ini adalah terlalu kenyang lalu melelapkan matanya sebagai tanda kekenyangan.

Video by : Ngu Fong Hua